December 15, 2017

Fundraising Countdown to A Nationwide, Not-for-profit Health Service And Global Health Information Database

 Priming the Pump (September 1 through November 30, 2011 – $15 Million Charity Donors);

 Initial Capitalization (October 31 – December 31, 2011 – Investor Proceeds $200 Million);

 Build Out Capital (December 2011 through December 2012 – Show Long-term Viability); and

 Full Provider Network HIT Adoption Schedule (December 2011-December 2014).

Project 76–An American Affair, Inc., is the parent company doing the actual fundraising in its own name, to the benefit of its new nationwide, non-profit health service, or (for Federal Income Tax purposes).

Project 76–An American Affair, Inc., is a recognized tax-exempt corporation and its “EIN” or Tax Identification Number is 23-7382621.

Options for Reaching Our Fundraising Goal Within The Next 60 (Sixty) Days:

• Plan A: Raise $15 million in deductible donations in 60 days from site visitors & founding and/or sponsoring donors;

• Plan B: Raise and invest up to $25-$50,000 per week in calling on charitable trusts and large individual donors; and

• Plan C: Use initial funds to expense the exploration of strategic partnering opportunities with non-profit sector, socially conscious investor groups.


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  1. AlxHamiltn says:

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    From VA “VistA” EHR to Re-engineered, Open Source, “Standardized” VISTA 2.0 In The “Cloud”

    Posted by L. Napoleon Cooper on August 31, 2011 at 1:53pmView Blog

    The key to health informatics going forward is to be found in re-engineered (open source) VA VistA HIT based personalization, commoditization and standardization of nationwide, not-for-profit medical records and globalized database modeling of health information, on throw-away mobile hardware and telephony hosted in the Cloud. And, as it will represent a non-economic and VERY substantial capital investment as significant as President Eisenhower’s building of the Interstate Highway System, it will need to be the following non-profit entity, or another existing tax-exempt corporation/organization committed to make the investment that will bring such a reality (for universal EHR and EMR) to life…

    I’m just saying…


    VA Press Announcement in this connection for context and/or discussion purposes

  2. AlxHamiltn says:

    News from The Hill:

    Obama proposes tax hikes on wealthy, business to pay for $447B jobs bill

    By Sam Youngman

    The White House said Monday that President Obama wants to pay for his $447 billion jobs bill by raising taxes on the wealthy and business.

    Jack Lew, director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), said Obama’s entire bill, which the administration is sending to Congress Monday evening, can be paid for by raising taxes on the wealthy and business.

    The chief provision announced by Lew would be to limit itemized deductions for individuals who make more than $200,000 a year and families that make more than $250,000, something the Obama administration has previously pushed to do through its budget proposals. Lew told reporters at the White House press briefing that this would raise about $400 billion.

    For all the latest news:


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    • AlxHamiltn says:

      This proposal is short-sighted, foolish and does the bidding of those elements who hate both “national” government and the ability of “public goods” being served by charitable contribution tax deductions (incentives)…

      Unwittingly, President Obama is KILLING the very incentive for charitable giving that, almost single handedly(sp), has been the the primary impetus for the rich and super wealthy (most of whom, who HATE paying their fair share of taxes), creating the great Private Foundations and Public Charities that exist in in our country, today.

      And explains why America is the ONLY major western economy with a significant, “Third, Non-profit” sector.

      Progressives in the House and Senate should BLOCK the President’s uninformed effort on this FOOLS errand.

  3. admin says:

    Wall Street Protest: Giving Focus and Direction Where It Would Be Helpful…

    Move $3 Trillion In Investment OFF Wall Street INTO A USA, Single Payer, “Not-for-profit Health Service” HEALTH CARE OPTION For A Plurality of American Healthcare Consumers Who Will NOT Be Able to Afford It In the VERY Near Future.

    “From Public Debt To National Treasure”

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